Friday, April 3, 2009

CHG-ed again

After much consideration and headache (when staring @ the acctng txtbk), I decided 2 take convention mgmt as a degree option instead. Nt really a technical based subject (which I had been dying 2 take in the past coz biz mgmt is 2 GENERAL) but then again I discovered that I hated things that are nt flexible so there u have it! My new course until I chged again - Convention mgmt.

The only place I found 2 possess this course is only @ MDIS (I only checked btwn SIM & MDIS) so sorry qin, can't go 2 SIM with u! T_T Another reason I am choosing MDIS over SIM is bcoz I dun find anything mentioned abt an internship @ SIM (unless those really exp courses tat costs over $40k. Wat are they thinkin? They think I will really pay 2 to do wk? How abt u pay me then? I will give u lotsa wk), unlike the ones @ MDIS. Nt that I really fancy internship(quite the contrary really) but I really want 2 know if I am able 2 apply those that I learned on the workplace, and also having an internship gives me an idea of wat kinda work I am able 2 do based on wat I've learned) & kinda secure me a job if I like the place & if I performed well enuff.

So qin, hw abt joining me instead?

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