Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sly Mum

The weather is getting hotter nowadays so my mum starts digging out the aircon remotes.

Hers hasn't been used for decades so the batteries melted and the temp is always stuck @ 28 degrees celsius. So she found some reason 2 claim that the remote that has been in her room for abt a year is mine and then exchanged for my working one.

I dunno it's not working @ first until I found out that aside from being able to on and off the aircon and making the temp stay @ 28 degrees celsius, it does nth @ all. I'm so angry that I can't slp, partly due 2 the heat and partly due 2 anger.

And after confronting her this afternoon, she still refused 2 return me the working remote.

I only got these words 2 say 2 Mum - JUST U WAIT!

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