Monday, April 13, 2009

Subway...Way 2 Go!

This is my 1st time eating Subway sandwich and I gotta admit. There REALLY IS a reason why everyone is willing 2 pay big bucks for breads with lotsa veggies in between. 

The secret I guess will be in its bread and sauce. I tried the cold cut trio with honey oat bread and honey mustard. Can't blame me, I am winnie the pooh's reincarnation.

Before I 1st take a bite, I stare disgusting at the bread cause it look so plain and...full of veggies. So I tot it would taste like a garden. After I take a bite, I finish the entire 6 inch within seconds! Even my bro drop by and commented 'so fast'. 

I was full when I finished the thang but the feeling doesn't last. Maybe next time I'll be getting the foot long one. 

And btw a word to my mouth, stop watering my feet!

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