Sunday, April 12, 2009

FEVO Fever

Chanced upon this when I am torturing my pet on FaceBook. Anyone knows anything abt it?
It's a card issued by Ez-link that cannt be used as Ez-link.

Ah-hem, excuse my french. 

Anyway, this is a debit Mastercard that gts me pretty tempted. It can be used anywhere the Mastercard can be used, including online. Definately sth that my Go! card cannt do. But oh well, wat can you expect out of the oh-so-mightly DBS/POSB? This will proved to be pretty convenient for me as I sometimes want to make online purchase but due to my lack of credit cards, I can't. 

This is also pretty good for McDelivery too.

But the price is what stopping me - $10 plus a basic topup of at least $20. Guess its pretty reasonable....maybe.....I dunno. But I have to think twice or hundred times whether I really do NEED it. Nt gonna pay $10 unrefundable sum for a piece of rectangle plastic that I never use.

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