Monday, April 6, 2009

Crazy Talk

Brought a mouse with floating ducks! Nice! With multi-chging backlights as well. So bright it can be used as a torchlight in the dark! Cool rite? Though the price is a bit on the steep side, no regrets. Hit me with tech gadgets and I'm @ my weakest.

Gt a call frm Sheren in mid afternn to meet 4 dinner. Went from orchard 2 bugis in the end & brought $20 worth of gds. So in total I spent $40 today. Whao~ way over my budget. Gotta starve 4 a few wks bcoz of this. The surprise purchase definitely has 2 be the bubble skirt. Can u imagine me in a skirt? I gotta drink till I'm drunk 2 gather enough courage 2 put it on. But then again I've been wearing short shorts, so......who knows?

Seems like plp can chg in an instant, sheren has told me of one instance of 四川变脸. And to be frank I've seen quite a few with this skill in them. One of them even recently went MIA on me. This might make me harder to trust plp in the future, but then again...who knows? I am so naive so I might just believe anything anyone said. 

I feel happy and blur blur today. I feel like i did a lot of embarrassing things. Must be that it has been quite some time since I breathe in the polluted air of sg. Usually I just lock myself in my room and wait 4 dinner. I even knock my head against a wall! My god! In my public sia~ I'll nv go back that place again... But happy cause a lotta plp spoke 2 me. Happily. Haha..usually salesplp la. But happy all the same cause I dun like tao tao salesplp. I like being liked. But in the end I start 2 avoid gg into stores alone coz I run outta water 2 refresh me in cause I talk until I thirsty. But it seems that after that nobody wants 2 talk 2 me anyway. 

Sheren took pics of me again! Everytime I look at my photos I feel like I dun look like me. Like some alien combined with witch. Or sth. Definitely nt the everyday human u see everyday. Maybe that's y plp spoke 2 me...they took pity of my disfiguration....... T-T

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