Wednesday, July 22, 2009


1st day of training *pant pant* and I...can't...breathe....

There's a lot of stressing on quality and it really makes me panicked a bit.

But I gotta say...I learn quite a lot from this.

Tomorrow is the evaluation and we gotta do a roleplay in order to pass and so call 'graduate' to do the actual tele-surveying.

Feels like school all over again.

Worst thing is all the people that speaks in slangs. What are they trying to do? Wanna let me get use to slang so that I could understand the American professors when I starts school? I'm not even sure the 'slang' they speak is the American way!!!

My god...headache. Gonna die of brain tumor at a very young age.

So many Michelle(s) surrounding me.....


And the training is SO.DAMN.LONG.

10am-5pm(def will get extended. Like today). Didn't anyone realised an average person's attention span is not that long? Or does that only applies to me?

And the shitty thing is today it rains EARLY IN THE MORNING. So damn nice to sleep in la! Unlike previous days! Why do they have to choose today of all day to rain? WHEN I HAVE TO WAKE UP EARLY IN THE MORNING AND CANNOT SLEEP IN NO MATTER WHAT?

So many butterflies hitting the walls of my stomach right now. And that's just at the thought of the role-play tmr. And they never say it's in front of the whole 'class' of 22 or they will go around the tables. I hope its the latter. It's been decades since I 'touch' the entire 'presenting in front of the whole class' thingy. I really get outta touch la. Can spare me or not?

Another good thing that comes out of today's training is Mr Teh Tarik. It's a really cheap Teh Tarik store in Far East Sq (I think la. Fast East sth de...) that sells very huge and SWEET (According to me. The freaks beside me think it's JUST NICE) @ only $1.50. Damn cheap la~ Maybe I'll have that tmr again. We'll see...cause it's very filling and I cannot bring it on MRT in fear of kena-ing 'summons'....

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