Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm so happy yesterday!

As most of ya know, it's not easy for me to make friends and most 'friends' that I got doesn't stay.

The friends that I have currently can be counted with one hand.

Pitiful yeah?

That's the reason why I gt so overjoyed when Lady D told me that 'it doesn't matter if other plp comes. I want you to be there'.

So honoured!!!!

This is the first time I realised that someone even considered me to be their best friend!

Usually I'm in one of those 'can hang out but not anywhere near the best' kinda friend.

Nearly broke down la!

Okay....that's exaggerating it a bit but still there's like flowers blossoming behind me when I heard this(you know those anime cutscenes?).

This nearly makes me forgive her for the times where she uses me as an 'encyclopedia'...but not quite.

But I don't know what am I supposed to be doing in a Malay wedding. Eat myself full? Cause I think I will definitely need distractions from all those 'unknown language' swarming around me. Then can I leave once I am full? I promise I will drop by for dinner!

Seriously I dun think anyone will wanna talk to me there cause firstly I stand out a lot (prob being the only chinese there) and the only Malay word I know till now is 'jumban' <--pretty useful ya?

Headache just from thinking abt it.
We'll see how when the time comes.

Oh yeah, pls click here.

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