Saturday, July 18, 2009

You know how sometimes you try so hard to solve a problem when the answer is always there, right within your reach?

That's how I'd been feeling lately. Take for instance just now, I've been wondering for ages how to tap other families' unsecured internet like I used to before I reformatted the desktop. Been stubbornly trying to connect to no avail for abt 2 months. And then alas, I just remembered an article I'd seen ages ago abt static ip. Then I go and un-static mine. A-ha! Able to connect to the internet without the need of opening my previous modem.

It's like all along I know that with static ip I'm unable to connect to other connection except my home default connection. But some wires came loose and then the thinking just stops there. Never came to the conclusion to do sth abt it.

Sometimes you just don't need to think so hard cause when the answer comes, you know it's so simple that you wanna spit on yourself.

Lady D keep praising that I have a 'good brain', and she keeps looking to me for answers to simply everything. I realized that that's not the truth, in fact she keeps thinking too complex-ly and insist that the way that she's going is the ONLY way to solve whatever she's facing. When sometimes there's another easier and speedier way. I might be doing the same if I'm in her shoes. Sometimes you are just blind-ed by the situation. You just need a outstander/bystander, onlooker/whatever to just point you the road that you didn't see before.

I used to be irritated at Lady D, thinking she's too lazy to think when she's ard me - that she relied too much on me. That might be part of the truth, but now I think I'm going to let her rely on me once in a while. That's due to the understanding of '当局者迷,旁观者清'.

Who knows when I might need her to do the same?

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