Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Saw the advert yesterday about Double Fish Fillet and Seaweed Shaker Fries. Must had been real hungry cause I don't remember being so tempted the last time this two came out.

So today I head over to CP to get my hands on them. But changed my mind towards the end and get a LJS 3 pcs chicken promo and a seaweed shaker fries instead. Cause it cost a few cents cheaper than me getting a Double Fish Fillet EVM in the end. Cheapo is a must have in this society and economy.

Either my teeth are getting weaker or the LJS chicken has become tougher. I think it should be the latter. Totally challenging how the 'rooted' my teeth are to my gums. Though my teeth and gums stand up the challenge, I think that will be the near last time I'll be eating LJS chicken. Who knows my teeth will fail me next time?

Abt the seaweed shaker, I'll have to say it's pretty MSG-full. NICE~ But it's not enough me as I mixed my LJS fries with the Mac ones. My bro says the LJS fries goes better with the seaweed seasoning, saying that more seasoning tends to 'stick' on the LJS fries than the Mac ones.

Totally dig the seaweed seasoning now. Anyone knows how much it is to buy just the seasoning nia?

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