Sunday, July 19, 2009

I knew I grew fatter recently.

Don't have a weighing machine at home to prove it but its becoming pretty obvious from those meats stuck to my face.

And you know what?


Well I used to look thinner (when in reality i'm not that thin) due to the strong circumference of my face. It's like my mouth is 1 km away from the tip of the jaw. Cause every part of my body grow cept for my head when i gain on weight. The end result is totally weird - a small head stuck to a big body. Like those people that weight-lift a lot. But now...

Even the head gain weight! Yeah~ I got a bigger head now!

I love the new chubbier me. Though the tip of the jaw is still in fact 1 km away from my mouth. But it does not look so bloody obvious now! It's like all those non-stop late night munching finally gets to me! Every part of me grew fat as well but I'm going to ignore them for the sake of the new and rounder head.


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