Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hello~ Anybody there?

Wanna blog something just now and then this happens:

No matter how hard I try I cannot paste pictures (fate la. I only paste pics like once in 10 yrs and this hafta happen), put words in italics and bold or whatever shit. So frustrating la.

And the words looks so typewriter-lish. Ugly la~ Totally puts me off the mood to blog anything what-so-ever.

At first I blame it on Blogger, keep on cursing their maintenance and everything... Then I realised it might be Firefox's fault (so many Fs...) so I decided to open IE8 and see what happens....

And voila!

The original Blogger page that I'm used to! Never realised I will missed it that much. And words are not typewriter-lish anymore but I'm sick of more print screens.

So kids, at the end of the day, the morale of the story is....

Always do backups. And make sure you have substitutes. Subsitutes are always good for your health no matter what.

Tata for now~ And if I happen to rmb what I wanna initially wanna blog abt (before this whole damn shit happens), then I will blog it up later. If not, just forget it la~

P.s. OMG Just discovered that my desktop is really widescreen. ALL THE PICS TOTALLY SCORES IN WIDTH!!!!

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