Monday, July 13, 2009


I'm reading some age-old posts of Xiaxue's blog when i come across the comment about typing like a teen. For those who have absolutely no idea whatsoever, it looks like this: 'h3llo. Gd dae 2 u' etc.

I slowly looked down to my hands (happily resting on the wireless keyboard) and then it dawned on me. OMG! I'm typing in teen-lish!

On second thought, it not like I'm doing major crimes just by doing that. And it does get a long entry complete in a much lesser time.

But somehow I'm still offended by the typing like a teen thang.

I know that she dun mean any harm whatsoever but....

Hey I'm also typing teen-lish but I'm ALREADY 22 yrs old ok? 22 F***ING YEARS OLD OF SWEATS AND TEARS!

Being a 22 year old lady (u can read that as 22 year old*pause*lady or 22 year*pause* old lady. I dun mind...), I can hardly be classified as a teen. No matter how hard u try (but thanks for making the effort).

Damn! She already made me type less teen-like subconsciously! I'm so easily influenced!

p.s okay this is totally random. But I think I'm chging my blogskin again. This blogger one is so hard to customise. Then again, I dun think anyone would care. Okay, bye!

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