Monday, July 27, 2009

This memory is like coming back to haunt me a lot recently so I might as well make a confession right here right now.

*Breathe in*

Okay here goes:

I used to not able to spell the word 'idiot' correctly. Still doesn't though, but I always manage to correct myself now.

I used to spell it as 'I-Do-It'.

I didn't know I was spelling it wrongly all along until two of my sec sch friends told me that through msn.

Nearly wanted to just log off right there, right then just to avoid their giggles. Pai-seh to the core!

That's why I always tend to giggle when I saw the word 'idiot' and I now always have the tendency to pronounce it as 'i-do-it'.


Looking more like an 'i-do-it' than I already am.

Thanks arh, Lady D and Mr Lohan.

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