Sunday, July 5, 2009

Breathless from watching War of The Worlds on Channel 5.

Can't believed that it's the 1st time I heard of this's really truly fantastic!

Although the aliens in this movie look strangely suspicious like the ones in the recent animation movie "Monsters vs Aliens" (or is it the other way round?.....Whatever....).

A quick research using the net uncovers that there are various versions of the movie, all based on the famous sci-fi novel by H G Wells. There's many movie interpretations but the one that I watched just now is the 2005 Tom Cruise version.

Because I only caught glance of it when I am torturing the remote buttons, when I started watching it's already like 45 mins into the show. Okay I admit I stopped switching channels because I saw Tom Cruise. But hey, I never watched ANYTHING with Tom Cruise in it before okay? So I just wanna see what it's like....

All I can say it didn't disappointed.

For those who didn't watched but is planning to watch it later, skip this spoiler:
The ending kinda confuses me. Too much humans are killed so they developed an immunity in their blood to 'deactivate' the shields of the alien tripod robots???!!!! So the morale of the story is? Humans always win even after we are eaten? Or we should get eaten or bullied by aliens more often so that we can develop 'immunities' to them?

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