Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy CNY ????

First day of CNY and I woke up with weird dreams.

Can't rmb the first few but the last one is still flickering in my mind. Might as well blog it down before it runs away.

In the dreams I was climbing a few flight of stairs for some reason and I know my motive is to get to the top. There was a monk behind me asking me irritating questions which is pretty funny now that I think of it. He keep asking if I eat dragon meat and I keep saying 'No' while running up the stairs. This continues till I get to the last flight of stairs. I sensed the urgency in the monk's voice as I get higher and higher. Dun know why he is so keen to fail me. I stole his wife maybe? But a monk have wife meh? And I was thinking 'Ha! This is really easy' and then the monk asked questions again. This time he asked if I eat fish instead. And I say 'yes' but was thinking 'oh shit!!' in my head soon after I say it out. Didn't turned but can sense the monk grinning and then I dropped down to somewhere dark. Think I mission failed or sth. The monk voice streamed down from the top 'Fish meat is also meat' and repeat until I wake up.

So the point is to say 'no' to every meat? Oh and all this happens in Chinese. I seldom talk English in my dreams anyway. Later not fluent.

The older folks says that dreams meant something that will happen soon, like a warning or something. So what this means? No head no tail one....

Saggy Quote of Da Daz:
Gong Xi Fa Cai! In fact this will be my quote for the next few days. Repeating it over...and over..and over again.

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