Saturday, January 3, 2009

~Venting ventilations~

Went curtain shopping with my mum for 2 days - yesterday and the day b4.

Damn tiring.

For the 2nd day, one of my bro join us (I dunno hw 2 refer 2 him. Since I got 2 bros and both are the same age). I always hate it when he went shopping with my mum. If I know I wouldn't have joined. We stepped into a shop which sells 4 curtains for close to $600 and somemore they are those ready-made ones. My bro den complained that my mum is niao. Seriously secretly I dun think the curtains are all that nice so its not really worth it. I support my mum on this one. Seriously my mum doted on him so much that he lost all sense of knowing the hardship that most (but not him) have to go through to earn the bucks.

So my bro complain complain & put on a black face all the way (irritaing!).

In the end we did brought the curtains, all except the living room one. Cause I convinced my mum to let us have different curtains for different room this year. And the one that my mum liked for the living room is like very....flowery. Really her style but I tremble when I imagine that in my living room and I have to see it everytime I go to the toilet. Yewwwww~

But she did get a hue hue (hokkien) one for her room. Still keep asking us for opinions. Since its her room I wouldn't interfere so I say no comments. But she like cannot make up her mind. Still keep asking us. Dun force me la! I nearly blurb out the words 'Damn ugly! Too much flowers!'. But dun wanna heard her feelings so I vomit the words back.

She also brought those wood for hanging the curtains cause we are currently having those old style metal types that you need hooks to hang the curtains. So in total she spend abt $300 plus. Really a lot sia~

Really can hurt plp is you carry those things ard. So me and my bro wanna take cab. Damn paiseh la if you walk around carry those stilt-like stuffs. My mum say bcoz my hse is so far from the venue so it would be very exp. I blamed myself for not bringing my nets card ard that day. In the end my mum got stuck on the entrance when boarding the bus (she is carrying the slits cause we wanna make her realised how hard it is to carry those ard. Too bad we failed so in the end we got those back from her). I suddenly have the urge to run away and pretend not to know her.

My mum is thrifty which is a very good habit of hers but I always have the idea that she knows no limit and do not know how to enjoy life. Would it be scary is you suddenly have to die and then realised that you did even have a moment of fun in this life? Anwayz, her birthday is coming up and I am determined to drag her to a restaurant. She always stand at the doorway refusing to step in. I also wondered why is she so scared, its me who have to pay in the end (u ask what abt my bros? dream on!). Anyway its a once in a year event, so what if we spend too much?

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