Friday, January 16, 2009

Mummie's Bdae Celebration

Look at how 'professional' I am when it comes to dragging things that needs to be done. I intially planned to blog on this on the nite of the event which is the beginning of the week, and now the week is coming to an end.

Anywayz, rmb I said abt dragging my mum to a restaurant?'s hard to decide whether to declare that I passed or failed in this mission.

Let's start for the beginning. Me and my bro planned a week before and finally decide on the day before (too many mouths = too many different thinkings = too many time wasted) that we'll be having steamboat. Steamboat is the perfect choice as my mum nagged a lot if you bring her to other places such as stir-fried stores as she always wanted to compare to what she ate at her catering company. Both irritating, frustating and demoralizing at the same time. And she will also say things that makes me want to kick her down the stairs like she can cook exactly the same thing (seriously she can't. Ask my poor suffering stomach) for a cheaper price with more variety. Steamboat usually have a large amount of variety and it gives my mum a learning experience so that she won't screwed up during CNY reunion dinner.

Unfortunately, we forgot one thing. She is not the type that is willing to travel far for good food (cause it involves spending $$), unlike me and my bros. We planned on going to the one at Turf City but she said its too far and she dun wan t celebrate anymore and thus wanted to cook at home.

Den I give her a black face (forgot to mention that we celebrate her bdae one week b4hand as she is afraid that she is unable to get leave on the actual day. So I kinda feel not so guilty giving her a black face).

Den she panicked.

Den she related. She prepared and stationed herself by my bedroom door,asking me where we are going. I am starting to pity her for giving birth to me. I am such a devil.

But she still complained its too far.

So in the end we went to the closest one - Compasspoint. Just 5 -8mins walk.

And got pizza hut instead.

We wanted to drag her into Swensons but she stayed glued to the ground and look over wishfully at the KFC next door.

So don't care, pizza hut. She thought its cheaper. Actually IMO it's no big diff. It all amounts to the same price in the end.

We got the Golden Harvest Meal and add-on 2 garlic breads.

Didn't managed to take any pics though. It won't look nice as my mum look all panicky (think she was scared that we will have to scrub dishes for pizzahut after the meal) and my dad put all a very black face with arms folded (he still wants to eat stir fried. but he's been having that close to 10 times this month!). Only me and my bros are all relax-y. Come to think of it, we are a wierd family. The ones paying the money are happy and the ones NOT paying looks like they have nails on their chairs.

Generation gap maybe?

In the end it amounts to a little more than $64. Still reasonable to me as we are like all so full in the end. And Mr Black Face (my dad) ate double the slices than anymore in our family.

But I am starting to dread the next birthday in our family. I have a feeling that it will be another round of tug-of-war. And it might be so much harder than this time round.

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