Saturday, January 17, 2009


I missed my MS Office.

Itchy fingers go and reformat my laptop for the 'n'th time. And malfunctioning brain seems to forgot that I had lost my previous copy of MS Student & Office.

This sucks.

Now I can't do any simple screenshots cause I dun have anywhere to paste them to. And I am simply too tired (or lazy) to search for alternatives.

Dun like Window Vista so the constant hesitation in buying a new laptop as I always did in the past. Window Vista sucks. They simply as for permission for every single shit even whether to download when you already click 'yes' twice! Stupid OS!

My parents must be truly grateful to Mr Gates for coming up with Vista. It helps to stop my spending spree on laptops at least. Now they must be targetting the chairmans of Nokia and other mobile manufacturers.

I was given $50 to spend on CNY clothes. A major improvement to me. I still rmb that I was given $20 abt 3 years ago to spend on 2 tops and 2 bottoms. That one I really crack my head also no use. Garanguni also don't wanna sell me. Think I only managed just a top for that one.

Hate shopping for clothings. Techno stuff, I'll be glad to go along. Shoes, bags, clothes....etc, count me out. I always thought I will go bankrupt in Japan faster than in a casino. Maybe that's why my mum kipnapped my passport. She scared that one day I might go bonkas and put myself in the cargo section of a plane to Japan. She might be right. That is my lifetime ambition.

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