Sunday, January 11, 2009

Counting down to O'level Results Release 2009

My bro is getting his o'level grades 2m after 2pm.

So our family has to go through the anxiety of hoping that he will pass this time round...again.

I have no idea why I am feeling this instead of my bro but I now have butterflies in my stomach.

No matter how many times I cursed that he will fail and that he will never get into NYP (the fact that he wants to go there so much makes it so much more fun. Although I have completely no idea why), I really hoped that he will make it through this time round. Seriously he dun mean to really do as I predict - be the 1st person in SG to take O'level 10 times and get into Guinness Book of World Records?

Oh shit, I better eat some food now to crush the butterflies in my stomach to death. This feeling really creeps me out.

Saggy Quote of Da Daz:
Memories is a strange thing. It plays hide and seek when you need it, and haunts you when you don't.

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