Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Different New Year

Due to the boredom of the new year 'spirit' (and I am nt joking. Most of our cousins are already adults. So age gap brings about distance. And we always make sure we stay at least 2 rooms away from them), me and my bro starts to look for stuffs to do other than watching the clock tick.

And our solution is 怪谈 (pronouced guai tan. search it up in youtube if u wan), watching spirits in the true form of the world.
One of the sub-series of guai tan. This one is called 'before corpse, after death'.

It is a pretty 'hot' show in HK with lotsa episodes and series and its really cool! Although we didn't really see anything that really frightens us too much so far but I got to admit the buildup is pretty solid and the effects is pretty cool. I am pretty sure they make chubby priest Situ Fazhe a star out of the show in HK. He and one of the host from the show will visit famous hauntings all over asia. I watched one exorcism that happens in Malaysia. One female priest (Situ did nth in the episode) perform chinese kung fu to fight the ghosts and put them into water bottles. Funny but it might be the way Malays did it.

Some ghost stories are pretty tragic too, like the girl in Thailand who accidentally knocked over a guy with her bike and kena killed by 3 guys in the end, including the one she knocked into. Her corpse is also raped by the 3 (WTF!). Killed for a stupid reason but she is a kind girl. After her death she will come back at night to help her parents tidy the house and perform several housework tasks.

Then at night before I sleep I read some ghost stories that I downloaded from the net previously. It was accidental. I couldn't tell that they are ghost stories from the title and I usually download novels to read before I sleep anyway. Such a concidence that they happen together though. Luckily I am able to get to sleep with no worries even after watching ghost videos and ghost stories in a row (although I have the premonition that I will not be able to get to sleep easily tonite after sleeping for18 hours in a row in the morning).

Most of the ghost stories tell me one thing 'do what you do with a clear conscience cause there's one thing call retribution'.

All in all, it's a really unique and exciting CNY this year. Makes me drop onto my bed with racing hearbeats for a few nights

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