Friday, January 23, 2009

Changed new skin 4 the umpteen time!

Really hate changing blog skin.

Very troublesome.

This shows me to anyhow choose blogskin and 'pia' on my blog.

But I gotta change the previous one somehow. It does nt give any access to my previous blog entries. Making them totally lost.

Now looking back, I am really proud of myself. Maintaining a blog from end 2006 till now! 3 yrs! Longest I had ever done anything in my whole life.

I should know. Given my short temper and 3 mins heatness.

Plp usually says maintaining a diary or something alike (like a blog) helps to improve your eng. Bei Dei (dun tink its spelled liddat. I'm using the jap romanji way) ~~~ I am one obvious example that eng drops from bad to worse even while maintaining a blog for such a long time (to me it is). Might not be the effects of having a blog that helps 2 worsen my eng standard BUT STILL it shows that having a blog doesn't really help much, does it?

However this skin has ugly fonts. Must find somedae 2 do sth 2 it.

The thought of it makes me.....HAAAAIIIIIZZZZ~ (big sigh)

Saggy Quote of Da Daz:
In order of importance: Family, Friends, Career, Wealth, Love. Shows how ruthless I can be yeah?

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