Friday, January 9, 2009

2nd day of tribal gathering.

The tribal chanting continues but I heard a few familiar ones such as 'London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down'.

Wonder the tribal leaders (OGLs) are also from the same school. Some looks quite old to me, secondary level or older.

Today I managed to sleep until I am happy. Either I am dead beat or they save the tribal chanting for the afternoon. Either way, good job!

Look out the window and saw that they are having fun. Playing games like untangling themselves from themselves (make sense? Doesn't matter). My bro says they have a good life. Don't need to study and just play games all day long. True true. But this might be more tiring than just plain staying in classrooms all day long though. Cause you have to act 'enthu' from morning till 6pm in the evening. Really hard esp for old plp like me. If you are just plain studying, doesn't matter you pay attention in the classroom or not, and you can just drop into bed in the afternoon after school. Just need to prevent to protect yourself from any questions teachers throw @ you during lessons. But that is really easy to escape.

I am really anti-social ain't I?

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