Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pri 1 Orientation Camp???!!!

Was awaken by the song of tribal singing this morning. It goes like this - I voice,"Wa fa fa si mo!" Lotsa of voices, "Oiiiiiiiiiii!" and then over and over again. At the volume that covers an airplane that just passed by.

WTF. Doing this 11am in the morning. I slept @ 3 plus okay!

And I'm the kind that sleep in one shot. Once awaken, that's it. End of sleep. Drink milk count sheep also no use.

Currently pondering whether to throw my 2 clothing cabinet down to the primary school below. Being wanting to change it anyway.

Really want to thanks my mum. Of all location why move house to locate ourselves beside a freaking primary school which mic is so damn loud that I close windows, close curtains, close door and put on ear plugs and still can hear???!!!

Freaking annoying. It's not like we are going to primary school anytime soon or ever.

Cannot tahan so look out my bedroom window which is the one closest to the school (purposely one rite mum? Urs the furthest and biggest, mine the smallest and closest?) and saw a scene similar to OGLs leading groups to do stupid stuff like cheering (that sounds like chanting) and climbing on ropes that touch the ground (your point pls?).

Didn't rmb primary 1 students ever having orientation camp. Did the younger generation became so unsociable that they need camps to bond them together? Or are they shy-er than what I remember? Sounds wierd. Pri 1? Shy? They are freaking pri 1 for goodness sake! I tot this is the age where they are supposed to be young and act cutey and totally shy-free.

I must be getting old. Yesterday at one taiwanese variety show, there's a couple - both of 8 yrs old!! They said they had been dating for 2 weeks. Ooookkkaaay. But 8 yrs old dating is so wierd. To me it totally feels like babies falling in love. YUCKS.

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