Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And still counting

I'm getting more and more of the 'Are you local?' no-sense in the recent years. Like....since late secondary years...if I remembered correctly.

These are the tally of the citizenship that other people claimed that I seemed to have:

China/Taiwan/HK- 3
Japan - 1
Korea - 1
Vietnam - 1
Bangladesh/India - 0
Malaysia/UAE - 0
Egypt - 0
America/European countries - 0
Another planet - 0

Might have more but this is all I seem to remember. The 1st 4 are those I already 'have citizenship to', the others are just in case so that I can add on in case anymore mention it. But quite unlikely unless they really hate me to the core and their sole purpose is to irritate me. Especially the LAST ONE.

p.s. Note to self: From now on there wouldn't be any cross blogging in both Multiply and Blogger. Would just blog different posts on them. Most likely most Multiply posts will appear in Blogger but I will try my best not to let Blogger entries spill over to Multiply. This serves the purpose of nothing - I just feel more 'song' that way.

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