Saturday, August 1, 2009


Used to hate Vista and whatever that comes along with it - including Office 2007. ESPECIALLY Office 2007 as all the buttons aren't what they are used to be anymore. Making adapting quite a chore.

You know la, old -school ppl like me will always resist changes. Lazy mah~

But recently I got nth better to do so I played with Office 2007 -_-III and found out that the image formatting functions are pretty cool~ This is my desktop after tweaking. Looks so much more styro right?

That's my desktop after 3D rotation to the right and mirror reflection @ the bottom.

Really loves playing with MS Words and Powerpoint now. Both have the same image formatting functions. But I love to edit images on Powerpoint cause I can save whatever I am editing in jpegs straightaway.

And now after using it for quite a while, I gotta admit that Office 2007 is actually much more easier compared to its previous versions. All the stuff that you would usually used can be found up there at the top of each window.

Though it could actually be perfect but this is good enough for me. For the time being till a better one comes along...

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