Monday, August 24, 2009

Recently I've been trying very hard to work out photoshop.

In fact, I'm so desperate that I even went to the library for help! Can you imagine? ME AND THE LIBRARY? Definitely two nouns that isn't meant to go together.

But help always comes unexpected, at least in my case. Yesterday I just gave up on searching anyway to manipulate PS, and today I found the way to overcome at least some of my barriers! Ain't I a lucky girl? Help comes in the form of a china forum.

Though the flood of chinese characters gave me a monster of a headache, I manage to figure out what the author is trying to say in the end! So here I am, here to showoff. Hehe...

This is before...
and this is after.
I know she looks pretty unreal in the end but hey, this is my first time. Can be forgiven right? What's more her face is truly a challenge to begin with...

At this rate, I can make myself 10000000 times pretty with PS! A heaven sent for non-photogenic people like me. Can't wait! ;P

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