Monday, August 24, 2009

Close to Ya

It's actually pretty nice - the feeling of having someone living in close proximity to you.

Me and LD had been meeting up quite recent lately due to the fact that both of us were super duper free and also we practically lived next to each other - the distance of a 5 min bus ride.

So it's like completely no hassle for us to meet each other. It's not like we are living on the either sides of the causeway or something. In fact...far from that.

So I'm thinking I will wanna live close to one of my bffs when I had to get a house of my own.

Imagine when you are bored or something you can just hop over next door/block/street and jabble jabble with your bff. Or when you need face-to-face advice on some life & death decisions (to you) and crossed the door/block/street, tada! Your free for lifetime advisor. Nice right? In fact, impromptu jalan jalan will not be a problem cause it's actually no hassle to meet up! And you can help the 'I help you you help me cause we live so near, it's actually chicken feet' effect that is quite impossible to find within neighbours nowadays. Hmmpphh! Still angry over the thieving neighbour who stole our bikes among other stuff...though we have no evidence till date.... But the truth will come to light! Sooner or later!

However it wouldn't be an easy task - finding someone who can stand my nonsense and someone who I can stand his/hers. And he/she must be at least independent enuff so I dun get housecalls every single day/min abt teeny weeny stuff like the cat peed or sth...


Well...I'm like only 22 now (or you can say already 22 if you gonna have any effect on me whatsoever) so I still have some more years to go before I need to pack myself and run. So still have some time to think it over thoroughly...

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