Friday, August 7, 2009

Emotionally Saggy

I feel really guilty.

I told a lie and though it's outta good intentions but it was discovered straight away, resulting in guilt.

This proves again that I'm a total bad liar.

Imagine eating my 幼面(dinner) in guilt. Totally spoils the experience.

Guilt is such a useless emotion, why do we have it anyway? In fact I think most of the emotions are useless. Totally envy those emotionless people, they really have it going for them. Aside from joy and excitement, I don't really want the rest of the emotions around. Feel that it makes me a weaker person in general.

Imagine me - not getting angry, not getting sad, not getting disappointed..etc. My life will be really smooth cause w/o all these emotions, I can think in level-headed mode almost all the time (cept when I'm excited of coz) and the best decisions can be made because I do not panic and I'm TOTALLY NOT AFFECTED BY ANY EMOTIONS!!!

Isn't that cool? Or lemme rephrase it - Ain't I gonna be cool if that happens?

Wonder is there a fairy god mother for me out there? If there is, here's my wish - make me emotion-less.

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