Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Unexpected Expecta-Shaun

This happens quite some days ago...but too lazy to upload the photo.

It was that day which I just join a group in FB which has a name related to finding money in pockets. I saw it and thought 'Hey that's me!' cause I always have a tendency to find ka-ching in not just pockets but everywhere ranging from drawers to bathroom cabinets.

So I just joined happily and as usual forgot about it afterwards.

Later that night, when I was doing my weekly changing of my bedsheets....Look what I've found?

A SGD2 bill stuck in between my bedsheets!

Not going to care who put it there in the 1st place(cause it's definately not me), I went around showing off to my entire family cept for my parents (cause I have a feeling the $2 bill might belong to one of them).

Haha....went to bed so happy that night, wishing that next time I change the bedsheets there will be SGD1k instead of just SGD2.

Hey a girl (*ahem* old lady) can dream, can't I?

Since noone is replenishing my miraculous bank a/c anymore, any form of monetary input is welcome!

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