Monday, August 10, 2009

Hardcore Block

Okay, this is so not my color. I know. But I accidentally clicked on the convert to Classic thingy and then I can't seem to get my old template back.

So just tahan this pinkish and girly theme for a while.

I'm just glad I didn't lost the rest of my stuff like the anime clock girl or my playlist. I never did a backup on where I got them from so once they're gone, they're gone. Forever.

Some of you might be overjoyed to see that happen but not me. Each and every shit you saw here is of utmost importance to me. So none of them.can.go.

Not if it's within my reach.

Anyway, yesterday's national day rite? Also a day my mum fall sick for the 1st time in her life. I would have thought she's a robot. Was total at loss whether to celebrate or to be sad. Choose something better which is 'nonchalant' and went out to get dinner cause she obviously can't cook in that state. When I went back walking towards my block I heard someone shouting damn loudly. Tempted to shout back cause it was damn noisy and lucky I didn't. It was the sound of the commander shouting at the NDP Parade coming from all the tvs from my block!

Every occupants in my block totally make up not hanging the national flag by tuning in to the National Day Parade telecast at the same time creating a sound so loud that you can heard it across the road!

Can you believe it? My block is a hardcore nationalist block!

So damn cool rite?

All of a sudden I feel so proud to be a Sengkanger.

I'm gonna cry....*hide in a corner and fakes weeping*

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