Thursday, August 20, 2009


Woke up through sneeze-wakening method today aka sneezing uncontrollably and unlimited-ly (if there's this word) till I woke up.


What is that just now? New word to curse in Malay contributed by LD. But I go and translate it. Now it looks damn 'idoit' and funny. Bwahahah~

Though irritated at the rude awakening, I gotta admit that is a damn effective way of wakening up! I mean..obviously you have to wake up in the end right cause your so-called 'sweet dreams' aint so sweet anymore when you are sneezing in between events.

For example, your dream prince charming is able to kiss you. And you sneeze.

Or or you won a dream lottery and just walked out of the bank proudly with stacks of money in your hands. And you sneeze. And all your money waved goodbye cause they flow with the sneeze.

Obviously you wanna avoid all this distressing dreams from happening, so the thing to do - wake up before it destroys your morning!

Maybe someone should invent a clock that sprays pepper on you or sth, so that you can sneeze up!

I'm such a genius! Why didn't anyone invent me to join those creative or inventive companies? I have lotsa ideas in store! Definitely will bring gazillions to their profit!

Sadly...none of them have any taste to pick me as a VIP employee. No taste...

Anyone wanna partner up then?

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