Friday, August 14, 2009

Just Another Normal Day of Outing...

with LD.

The outing starts out with us getting to the agency @ Lucky Plaza....for nothing.

What actually happens was that LD did a mistake by not making appointment. And even though there was noone after us, the staff at the agency insisted that they closes at 5.15pm, and they need 45 mins to explain some fucking dos and don'ts (not gg to excuse my vulgarities. It was totally called for)!!! WTF! What's more, the time then was 5 mins to 4.30pm!!! Plenty for them to even dawdle on their high and mighty do's and don'ts. AND they still got the cheek to tell us that their closing time is 5pm. Think I'm blind izzit? Then what's the extra 15mins for? To change your adult diapers?

We left in the end (reminds me of my fav Linkin Park song. Eh...okay. Totally random) cause its evident that they are trying to end the day early cause it's friday. The 3 staffs there need their elderly sleep! Probably at 6pm. When they finally got home. If not they will collapse. They are that fragile. Must handle with care.

LD tries to act nonchalant, but its pretty evident that she's disturbed by the event. Me on the other hand gave a very sarcastic smile when the elderly woman in her early 40s apologized which to me seems very insincerely. Was told by truckloads of people that I look very fierce if I don't smile so throughout the whole event, I didn't bother to even twitch a muscle. Maybe that's the reason for her change from the initial aggressive tone to the later fake polite tone.

LD keep asking me if its her fault 100++ times until I cannot take it and asked her whether is it bothering her that much and tell her she can let it out if she wants. The first 90++ times she says no. It was towards the end that she admitted that she feels a bit frustrated. SEE SEE! I KNOW EVERYTHING ! Anyway she sounds like totally frustrated than the 'a bit frustrated' that she said.

Oh, LD keeps wanting me to go to her aunt's house. So we sent for Woodland after that. Her aunt is a superwoman. Or a super fertile woman - giving birth at age 40++ is a great feat. Respect respect.... Throughout the entire MRT trip she's trying her hardest to pyscho me to go with her. However your saggy-ness (In place of your highness. But it totally sounds wrong...) is not to be easy swayed. Anyway her ENTIRE FAMILY is there! What am I going to do there? Talk to myself in chinese in a environment full of Malays? Sounds totally nerve-wrecking. So definitely not going for the sake of my mental health. We picked out a present for the baby boy at Kiddy Palace and then have dinner at Pastamania after that.

And you know what? I got a new bag! LD bought it for me cause she said all my bags are fugly! -_-III Okay, hate the reason. But loving the new bag anyway! It's exactly the same design as LD's, cept different color. Though it's quite cheap at only a bit more than 10 bucks, I appreciate the gesture and the thought. After buying the bag she's like super duper poor, totally love her generosity! Still touched till this moment in time.

Wah! Never realized it'll be such a compo! Okay compo done! Gotta sleep now. Got sth else to attend to tmr, hopes the event will go well. But then again, there's this dangerous and unpredictable element. Haiz...we'll see.

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