Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Fishy Post

Rmb when I put my 'craving' as otah otah a few days ago? Erm..wait...oh, it's still there.


But it won't be for long! Bwahahahah~


Anyway, I got myself otah from EZB from Aljunied yesterday. Though it's relatively cheap - $0.35 for one, I got 20 for $6.40 (cheaper than pasar malam la. They always sold me at $0.40 each. No further discounts. RACIST~), it's not very nice leh. Got the fishy taste. But it's quite worth it if you ignore the fishy taste cause they put a lot <--cheapskate me speaking.

Anyone knows of any place that sells very nice otah otah? Cause it's really one of my all time favourite and though it LOOKS like its very easy to make, none of my Malay friends know how to make it. So it must be harder than it looks...

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