Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Big Big Mee

Just realised that I have this obsession with huge spaces.

At first it's my room, it looked cramped with the bed in the middle so I just moved everything to the wall so that there's a kinda squarish space in between. And I've been grinning in my sleep thereafter.

Then there's this situation yesterday where I have to choose between TM (Tampinese), PS (Dhoby Ghaut) and Vivo (Harbourfront). Without even an inch of a second I choose Vivo. So that night with a monster of insomnia (as always), I start to ponder what's the reason for my fondness for Vivo. I can still remember my skeptical expression (kinda like this ) sometime before Vivo is finally scheduled to open that its gonna be labelled as a 'high class international mall'. And even till now I still don't think the merchandise offerings there are very attractive, so what's the pull factor for me?

Thinking back to the 3 malls, if I have to rank them in order of preference it would definitely be: Vivo, PS, then TM. PS is definately smaller than TM. Then I realised that crowds matters as well. In TM, you can hardly walk even on weekdays. Not to mention weekends or peak periods.

No wonder I hate Chinatown to the max. It's dirty (some parts), small, crowded and cramped. The full package. Esp during Chinese New Year period. I bet if I kena invited to parties I will just hide in one corner with pileloads of food from the buffet table. In fact I think I'd done that before -_-III .

So next time you wanna hangout or something, make sure you put spaces as a huge consideration. Of course not spaces as in construction site or unrenovated areas, I will die of boredom. But something like Vivo and I will rush outta the house without hesitation.

Gotta find scraps for lunch now. Ta da~

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