Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Playlist No More

Just deleted my playlist on Multiply. It's either not playing anything or its super muted cause even when I turned my desktop speaker up to 65 (out of 100), I still hear not even a whimper.

Anyone who wanna heard the music which I have in my hp currently ,which I sincerely doubt so, can turn to my Blogger blog. Anyone who don't can just simply ignore the above sentence. Simple as that.

Just discovered that almost no one is bloggin anymore, this makes my time online relatively boring as after bloggin what I wanna blog about I got nothing else better to do on the net.

This is another reason I hope to start school soon. Hope to meet friends with blogs so that I can kope their blog addresses and use them to add to my reading pleasure. I know its hard, but hey I gotta try to know~

Got another blog entry coming up but its on a relatively different topic so I'm gonna separate it to another post. Ta-da for now~

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